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Wood pellets, SPRL

Представитель компании
Tomas Koemannsales
Адрес компании
Avenue de Tervueren, 297 - 1150 Bruxelles
Avenue de Tervueren, 297 - 1150 Bruxelles
Регистрация:  3 октября 2022
Индекс активности: F0.0
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Деятельность компании

Supply EN plus A1 wood pellets and briquettes , firewood and very good rates

Объявления компании

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Sunflower Husk Pellets
150 €/шт
Wood pellets, SPRL, Брюссель
Sunflower husk pellets are an economical and effective option for heating or energy generation. The energy produced from sunflower husks is very...
Anthracite Coal for sale
250 €/шт
Wood pellets, SPRL, Брюссель
Best quality by far! Our fuel may be cheaper than the other merchants but it is always the best quality. We rely on low profit with high sales,...
Kilnd dried firewood
135 €/шт  
опт 115 - 120 €/шт
Wood pellets, SPRL, Брюссель
Oak, beech, alder, birch firewood Crate Specification Price...
Cheap RUF Briquettes
180 €/шт
Wood pellets, SPRL, Брюссель
RUF Oak are best used as a ‘heat sink’ in the back of the fire, where they will glow for several hours and help create a really good heart in your...
EN plus A1 wood pellets
250 €/шт  
опт 180 - 200 €/шт
Wood pellets, SPRL, Брюссель
Wood pellets from pure pine and spruce harvested in Belarusian forest. Produce without bark and any other additives. 100 % bio-fuel Wood species :...
Все объявления: 5
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