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Graphite Electrodes UHP HP RP Low Price For Steelmaking
$1,500/t FOB  
Wholesale price
Hubei Jinheng Carbon..., LLC, CN +1 ad
Graphite Electrodes grade RP HP SHP UHP with dia.150-700 mm with Factory Price for Sale. Hubei Jinheng Carbon Products Co., Ltd. and its parent...
Trockenes Eichenbrett, nicht kantig, 50 mm, 3 m AA / AB-Qual
800/cu m FCA
Укревро-агроэкспорт, LLC, UA
Wir verkaufen ein Eichenholzbrett ohne Kanten, technische Trocknung 50 / 30mm 3m 8% AA / AB. Eine Charge von hochwertigem Schnittholz bis zu 30...
Wood for pallets
Price on request
Акустик Проект Групп, PUE, BY +1 ad
We constantly sell wood for pallets 3/4 grade, sizes17-25 * 85-100 * 600/800/1000/1200. Without bark, from a freshly sawed forest, disk sawing. 60...
Peat moss absorbent for oil spill response
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +3 ads
Highly effective clean sphagnum peat moss absorbent from Russia for oil spill response on a water surface and the soil. The natural peat moss...
Vultures for powerlifting and weightlifting
$850/pc DAP  
Wholesale price
Cherkassky Vulture, PE, UA
Professional vultures.
Je vends en Russie, Carthame, lentilles, orge brassée.
Price on request
РК Партнер, LLC, RU
Je vends du carthame, du lupin, de la moutarde, des lentilles, de l'Orge en Russie. Avec des documents! paiement après chargement. Téléphone de...
Conveyor Belt Fasteners K27, K28
Price on request
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
For use in surface and underground mining, staples penetrate the fabric inlays in the conveyor belt without damaging the fibres. They ensure high...
Amber varnish Wood
Amber Protect, SP, RU +3 ads
Amber varnish are widely used to protect wooden buildings, wooden furniture, as well as in iconography. It has high protective properties: it is...
Copeaux de bois de chauffage
Wholesale price
Казанков В.А., SP, BY
Notre entreprise est engagée dans la production et la vente de bois de chauffage de chambre de séchage et d'humidité naturelle, tels que le...
Briquette RUF
80/t FCA
Ситников И.В., SP, RU
Hello! We offer the production of our manufacture it is fuel briquette RUF, which is made from clear ecological raw materials (sawdust from oak,...
Wood pellets. Quality A1.
Price on request
Belarusian biomass exports, PUE, BY +3 ads
Wood pellets. Quality A1. Description: Diameter: 6 mm. Color: brown Humidity: 3-4% Ash: 0.5% Calorific value: 17.70 MJ/kg Mechanical strength:...
Wholesale price
Вододохов Н.П., SP, BY
We are pleased to offer premium quality briquette RUF. Briquettes are made from 100% pine dry chips 8-10% RH, Ash content is not more than...
We supply firewood
100/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
from €100/pc
Файервуд, LLC, UA +1 ad
We supply firewood Species: oak, hornbeam, ash, birch, poplar. Firewood 25-33 cm, in boxes, nets, boxes. Split 8-15cm Humidity up to 20% Have FSC...
Pine pellet from manufacturer. UA
112/t FCA  
Wholesale price
from €105/t
НВ Трейд Украина, LLC, UA
We produce pine pellets . In Stock 1000t (Zhitomirskaya oblast) Ukraine. -Diameter is 6mm -Ash<0.5 % -MQO is 22t -Packaged in 15 kg or BB Terms...
Urea 46%
Wholesale price
from $200/t FOB
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ +12 ads
Sell urea 46% for 200$ without transport production of Turkmenistan, Letter Of Credit (L/C, DLC) Urea grade A, B 50 000 tons per...
Price on request
Хольцгрупп, LLC, BY +3 ads
Good day, our company is exporting MDF, LMDF, MFC, chipboard plate production SWISS KRONO (Russia). Interested in cooperation. my e-mail:
Dried fruits from Uzbekistan
Price on request
Invest Broker, PE, UZ
We offer our services in the supply of fresh fruits of vegetables and dried fruits from Uzbekistan. We also assist in customs clearance, shipping,...
Price on request
Ekoproduct, LLC, RU
We are the largest producers of charcoal in the Central part of Russia (more than 5 thousand tons per year). Produce charcoal from own wood....
Wholesale price
from €370/t FCA
Углепром, LLC, RU
We produce and sell high-quality charcoal from hardwood, with electronically controlled carbon content and ash content(<1%) using advanced new...
Vegetable Cutter / Vegetable cutting machine
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +2 ads
Vegetable cutter with adjustable cutting thickness, blades very easy to replace which makes them cost-effective. Vegetable cutting machine with...
Coal tar coal tar pitch
Price on request
Кубань Трейдинг, LLC, RU
Dear Sirs, The company "Kuban Trading" offers wholesale deliveries to foreign contractors of coal tar, pitch and crude benzol from the...
Formwork timber wood beam for concrete
4.84/m EXW
Formwork timber wood beam for concrete from Russian manufacturer
Ik zal brandhout verkopen
Price on request
Щукино, SP, BY
Ik zal brandhout verkopen (exporteren). Eik, haagbeuk, berk, els. Lengte 25, 30, 33 cm. In dozen 1 RM, 2 RM. Droge en natuurlijke vochtigheid.
Beech firewood in cartoon box 10kg
Price on request
U-svit, S.R.O., SK +8 ads
Chopped Beech Firewood Specification: Humidity: KD, Humidity 10% Length 10-26 cm Thickness 50 mm FSC Certification packeged: cartoon box 10kg MOQ-...
Caviar from sturgeon
1,500/kg DAP  
Wholesale price
Alta Active, s.r.o., CZ +8 ads
Sturgeon caviar 50g-glass, 100g, 250g a 500g tin, of the highest grade, wholesale price on conditions in EXW in Germany or in the Czech Republic,...
Washed wool
$1/kg FCA  
Wholesale price
Export-Ak, SP, TM
Washed wool. Our washed wool is clearly washed and packed. Colours are black and gray.
Verticale verpakkingsmachines
Price on request
RT Group, JSC, RU
We produceren verticale type verpakkingsmachines met doser om stroomverpakkingszakken te vullen, gemaakt van PE-of PP-folie van haspel. Het wordt...
Fuel briquette RUF
95/t DAP  
Wholesale price
MS, LLC, RU +3 ads
I sell fuel briquette RUF
Wood pellets from direct producer!
Price on request
Вудер Украина, LLC, UA +1 ad
We are national Ukrainian producer of wood pellets. Production facilities are located in Korosten, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. We offer wood...
Wood for pallets
Price on request
Акустик Проект Групп, PUE, BY +1 ad
We are looking for stable buyers of the board sizes 17-25 * 85-100 * 800/1000/1200. 1 and 2 grade, needles. Freshly sawn forest. Up to 170m3 /...
Peat moss for landscaping
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +3 ads
Sphagnum peat moss from Russia for agricultural industry and landscape design. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for...
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners for 7-11 mm belts
Wholesale price
from €28/m
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners is ideal for use on rubber-plied conveyor belts 7-11 mm, delivering performance and long life with easy...
Amber varnish Metal
Amber Protect, SP, RU +3 ads
Amber varnish is widely used by shipbuilders. This type of varnish is used to cover the underwater part of the hulls of ships and vessels. The...
Briquettes RUF
Price on request
Belarusian biomass exports, PUE, BY +3 ads
Selling RUF briquettes. Description: Shape: brick. Size: 105x65x155 mm. Packing: 12 psc. ~10 kg. Humidity: 4-7% Ash: <1% Material: pine. Volume:...
Concrete plants, concrete production lines
Price on request
ASV PRO, OÜ, EE +1 ad
All-season concrete plants to provide and sell concrete. The payback of a concrete plant on average 2-3 months. Fully automatic mode "one"...
Nous offrons la fourniture de charbon de bois.
340/t FCA  
Wholesale price
from €340/t
Файервуд, LLC, UA +1 ad
Spécifications: La qualité des produits est confirmée par un certificat attestant de nombreuses années de travail avec des partenaires...
Xanthan Gum
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ +12 ads
Xanthan gum is one of the most effective, most widely used and most versatile polysaccharide across the world today. It is mainly composed of...
Wholesale price
from €120/cu m FCA
Хольцгрупп, LLC, BY +3 ads
Particleboard polished 1 grade, E1, dimensions: 2440x1830mm 2750x1830mm 2800x1830mm 2800x2070mm 3050x1830mm 3050x2800mm thickness...
Y shaped Food Mixer Blender
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +2 ads
Y mixer blenders are widely used to produce mixtures out of bulk components. Blending is carried out through the force of gravity, as there is...
Boards and bars
Wholesale price
€200-370/cu m DAP
Alta Active, s.r.o., CZ +8 ads
Boards and bars of various sizes for your order: pine, humidity 10-20%, minimum order 40m3 per week, delivery from Ukraine on terms of DAP payment...
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